Project Highlights


Across our programme 73,539 people benefitted from action to combat malnutrition, including home gardens and micronutrient supplements.

  • In Nepal, 12,065 children under 5 received Vitamin A supplements to protect their eyesight and 10,301 mothers received iron tablets to prevent anaemia.
  • 5,407 home gardens were set up by Nepalese families.
  • 863 children and 490 adults took part in IMPACT UK’s Tasty Team activities.
  • 223 women and their babies enrolled in the 1,000 Days project in Cambodia which includes micronutrient supplements, nutrition education, and food parcels to ensure they eat sufficient calories.

BANGLADESH: IMPACT Mothers’ Clubs promote an understanding of sound nutrition as a foundation for health from conception through to old age

Poverty is a prime cause of malnutrition.

Malnutrition makes health conditions worse. Medical treatment is less effective, immunity is weakened making it harder to fight disease, and risks to pregnant women and babies increase. It is not simply having too little to eat. Micronutrient malnutrition is a lack of vitamins and minerals that are vital for good health and development. Children who are malnourished may be underweight, stunted (too short), have impaired sight, and compromised intellectual and cognitive development. Not only does this curtail their own life chances, it impacts everyone since a well-educated and healthy workforce drives economic growth.


Home Gardens in Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya have been a huge success in combating malnutrition

IMPACT’s School Health Programme in Kenya encourages schools to grow nutritious fruit and vegetables to supplement the pupils diets









Micronutrients are needed in tiny amounts to impart benefits. IMPACT takes a comprehensive approach by educating people about nutrition; helping them grow fruit and vegetables to eat; and distributing supplements to children and pregnant or lactating women who are at immediate risk from deficiency.

This goes hand-in-hand with our work to provide safe water and sanitation, deliver maternity care and much more.

£25 Establishes a kitchen garden to feed a family

IMPACT’s ‘Neighbourhood Healthwatch’ in the UK

IMPACT is committed to preventing malnutrition in all its forms. At one end of the spectrum our work in the developing world focuses on boosting nutritional uptake; whilst in the UK we are tackling the equally serious issue of unhealthy diets and the excessive intake of food. Visit our ‘Tasty Team’ page to find out more see how we are helping people in West Sussex to improve their diets and make healthy lifestyle choices.