Project Highlights


  • 290,407 people across our programme have been empowered with health education including 9,836 people in the very remote floating villages of the Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia.
  • 18,112 members of 900 Mothers’ Clubs meet regularly to discuss health topics in Bangladesh.
  • ENT surgeons have been trained in Cambodia and Zanzibar.
  • 37,273 girls in India have been sensitised to the dangers of rubella and the importance of being immunised.
  • Thanks to IMPACT’s action this year 54,807 people were immunised against disabling disease.

NEPAL: Deafness and hearing impairment in Nepal affect one-fifth of the population above the age of five. IMPACT Nepal train Primary Ear and Hearing Care workers to work in remote parts of the country where health services do not exist

IMPACT is committed to empowering people to meet their own needs, and those of their communities.

Health education is a key part of our work – by giving men and women information and skills, they are able to take action and make informed choices for themselves and their families.

For example, immunisation against diseases such as polio and measles is dramatically reducing the number of cases. However, unless people (many of whom are illiterate or in very remote areas) know that immunisation is available and how to access it, it is impossible to ensure that no child is missed. Our health workers support national immunisation programmes by getting people into vaccination clinics.

IMPACT’s new Nursing Institute in Meherpur is helping to plug the shortfall of 280,000 nurses in Bangladesh while also giving young women from poor backgrounds career opportunities.


2.5 million Kenyan girls miss school during their period because they cannot afford sanitary products. IMPACT East Africa has teamed up with a local partner to support pupils in Kitui to stay learning in school the whole month through. Girls receive recyclable cloth pads for protection; and menstrual health education is encouraging them to manage their periods free from shame or secrecy. Similar work is carried out by IMPACT in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.


£30 takes healthcare messages to a remote village.