Project Highlights


Across our programme 21,363 people benefitted from our safe water and sanitation initiatives.

  • 20 water tanks have been installed in Zanzibar in communities and schools, improving sanitation and increasing access to safe, clean water.
  • 522 people are benefiting from 5 new wells in Cambodia.
  • IMPACT Nepal has installed 55 toilets.
  • IMPACT Bangladesh has installed toilets and tubewells in 12 villages and provided 6,845 people with an arsenic-free water source.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems have been installed in 5 Kenyan schools.
  • IMPACT East Africa has introduced improved hygiene measures in 81 rural schools.

In the absence of clean water and sanitation, disease and poverty have a stronghold. We are proud to report on another successful year of working with communities to put in place these fundamental building blocks of life, health and development.  

IMPACT’s Community Water Programme in Zanzibar gives entire communities access to safe, clean water.

Clean water and basic sanitation is essential for good health and underpins everything IMPACT does. Diarrohoea is a main cause of death in young children and malnutrition is exacerbated by the intestinal parasites and waterborne diseases which spread easily where safe water and latrines are unavailable. 13% of people around the world are forced to practice open defecation for want of facilities. With your support we are installing toilets and covered latrines in villages and schools. We are also helping communities to access safe water in the way that is most appropriate for them; from rainwater harvesting in Kenyan schools and water tanks in Zanzibar hamlets, to wells in Bangladesh and Cambodia. When funds are available we provide families with arsenic filters to remove this poison which naturally occurs in Bangladesh and elsewhere.


Handwashing equipment and health education are improving hygiene in rural schools in Kenya. Prevention is much better than cure, so our projects also work to change the circumstances in which needless disability thrives

Children at Chunga School in Zanzibar were devastated when the country’s 2016 cholera outbreak claimed the lives of two pupils. The school had no water supply and was closed to stop the spread of the disease until IMPACT Zanzibar helped them to install a tapped water system giving them a safe source of water


£52 provides an arsenic filter for a family in Bangladesh