Project Highlights


Across our international programme 37,001 mothers received pre and post-natal care accross our international programme.

  • 7,495 pregnant women attended IMPACT Nepal’s antenatal clinics and 100% of them delivered their babies with the help of a trained professional.
  • 1,076 babies were safely delivered in our 16 Mamta Clinics in a remote mountainous part of Pakistan.
  • 301 Traditional Birth Attendants were trained and equipped in rural Bangladesh.
  • We supported our local partner to surgically repair obstetric fistula for 177 women in Tanzania treatment ‘camps’ organised across Tanzania.

TANZANIA: Our local partner, Maternity Africa, supports rural women through pregnancy birth and beyond. After a challenging delivery, Esther gave birth to triplets under the care of Maternity Africa’s trained midwives

Of the 830 women who die every day from complications of pregnancy or childbirth, less than 1% live in high-income countries (WHO). The wellbeing of her child is closely linked to a mother’s survival; the greatest risk to a child’s life is in the first month after birth.

Deaths from maternal causes are almost always preventable with skilled care during delivery and access to obstetric care in emergencies. For every woman who dies, 20 to 30 more will suffer long-term health consequences such as obstetric fistula.

Simple, low-cost interventions such as immunisation and a nutritious diet; regular check-ups during pregnancy; and the support of a skilled health worker during delivery can greatly reduce risks to mother and baby so this is what IMPACT focuses on.

We also train midwives and Traditional Birth Attendants to use safe delivery practices, and equip health facilities with essential equipment.

PAKISTAN: Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places to give birth on earth. Mother and Baby clinics care for women and babies in remote locations, reducing the incidence of maternal and infant mortality

Most child deaths are in the newborn period and more than half of the deaths in children under the age of five could be prevented with access to medical care. IMPACT is saving lives and preventing disability by delivering urgently needed health services to people, including children, who are least able to reach it.

IMPACT Mothers’ Clubs in Bangladesh and India are forums for women to meet each month and learn about health and nutrition. They have thousands of members who are taking proactive steps to enhance the wellbeing of their families.

£100 trains and equips another Traditional Birth Attendant