It is people like you who can make a difference and help us to take action today to prevent disability tomorrow. Your support is vital to our work.

We can now accept gifts online through a secure system administered by the Charities Aid Foundation. Alternatively, you may wish to print off a Gift Form or a Standing Order Form and send it to us.

How your gift could make a difference

Image showing a child being immunised


could immunise 10 more children or provide callipers for another child Donate
Image showing two people harvesting crops in a home garden


could buy seeds and tools to establish a home garden to prevent malnutrition Donate
Image showing a child undergoing medical screening


could screen 100 more children for disabling conditions Donate
Image showing a patient undergoing sight testing


is the cost to IMPACT of restoring sight, movement or hearing to another person in our overseas programme Donate
Image showing a traditional Birthing Attendant


could train and equip a Traditional Birth Attendant Donate
The operating theatre onboard IMPACT's floating hospital


could enable a ‘taking the hospital to the people’ project on board the Jibon Tari floating hospital in Bangladesh or mobile camps elsewhere during which up to 1,000 people would benefit from screening, treatment or surgery Donate
Image showing patients at the Free Ear Camp, IMPACT Nepal


could buy essential surgical or diagnostic equipment, or provide a clean source of water for a community Donate

Please contact us directly if you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose, otherwise it will be used where it is most needed within our programme.