A legacy with IMPACT

Leaving a legacy to IMPACT is an enduring gift and will help us to prevent and treat needless disability for future generations. We think very carefully about how we use every bequest to ensure that the special gifts entrusted to our care are invested wisely to benefit this and future generations.

The information on this page is not exhaustive and we recommend taking independent professional advice when writing your will.

Please download our leaflet for more information:
‘A Legacy with IMPACT’ Leaflet (PDF)

Make a free online will

With our partner makeawillonline.co.uk, we offer a free online wills service: www.makeawillonline.co.uk/impactfoundation.  All wills are checked by a will-writer who is a member of the Society of Will Writers. To help us with our campaign, details of your legacy will be shared with us: your name, your contact details, the amount of the legacy and the date you made the will. We may contact you to thank you and to keep you updated with information about us.

You can make a will and leave a legacy to us without sharing this information by paying for the will directly yourself here: www.makeawillonline.co.uk.

If you already have a will…

If you do already have a will and want to leave a gift to us, contact your solicitor and let them know your intentions.  You can work with them either to (a) make a new will or (b) a shorter and less expensive “codicil”.

Please ensure that your solicitor uses our full name: IMPACT Foundation, our charity number: 290992, and our registered address: 151 Western Road Haywards Heath RH16 3LH.

If you don’t currently have a will…

If you have not already made a will you can make one and leave a gift of a specific amount of money or a proportion of your estate to us and other charities. Once your family and friends are catered for, anything you can provide us will make a huge difference to our work.

Did you know that people who leave more than 10% of their estate to charity receive inheritance tax benefits?  

If your estate is liable for inheritance tax (see here), we suggest you speak to your solicitor to discuss making a will and leaving a gift to us.  If you do not have a solicitor, you can go to http://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/ to search for a local solicitor.

If you have complicated needs in your will – for example: dependent relatives/ friends, property overseas, trust income or ongoing legal issues – we suggest you speak to a solicitor.

The Individual Impact

Miss D’s legacy

Miss D. entrusted the majority of her estate to IMPACT in her will. She was IMPACT’s first volunteer, working with us for a decade.

After careful consideration, we invested her gift in projects that had always been close to her heart. For example, reflecting her love of children, we used Miss D.’s legacy to put hundreds of young Indian people, paralysed by polio, back on their feet again.

Other legacies have enabled IMPACT to launch projects in East Africa and the UK.