Immunising a child against Polio £10 would immunise 10 more children or provide callipers for another child
Bangladeshi men holding vegetable £25 would buy seeds and tools to establish a home garden to prevent malnutrition
Examining a child’s ears £30 would screen 100 more children for disabling conditions
A Bangladeshi man sees again £40 is the cost to IMPACT of restoring sight, movement or hearing to another person in our overseas programme
A midwife examines a pregnant woman in India £75-100 would purchase instruments to test hearing or train and equip a Traditional Birth Attendant
Operating theatre of hospital train £6,000 would enable a ‘taking the hospital to the people’ project on board the Jibon Tari floating hospital in Bangladesh or mobile camps elsewhere during which up to 1,000 people would benefit from screening, treatment or surgery
Group of Nepalese people after ear surgery £500-10,000 would buy essential surgical or diagnostic equipment