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IMPACT takes healthcare to marginalised communities worldwide, combating needless disability before it traps people in a lifetime of pain and poverty. Our projects target the most vulnerable people in the most remote places. IMPACT has been so fortunate to benefit from the support of The Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland in the past, can your club support IMPACT again?

Here are a few examples of how your club could contribute to our vital work.

KENYA: Community-based action to improve health and prevent and treat needless disability

IMPACT’s programme is located in Kitui County, one of the poorest parts of the country.  The cycle of poverty and disability starts early in life, so IMPACT works to improve the health and well-being of children in the most impoverished schools. Many of the children we work with suffer from medical conditions which are easily preventable, or could be treated at low cost.

With the help of your Inner Wheel Club we could implement the following action to combat the threat of needless disability:

£25 would equip the school with First Aid supplies
£78 establishes a ‘School Health Club’
£93 would install handwashing water tanks
£150 enables the school nurse to deworm the entire school
£175 would purchase vegetable seeds and gardening tools
£200 is the cost of drugs and ‘on the spot’ treatment

NEPAL: Mobile ear screening and surgery to restore hearing

Deafness and hearing impairment are the main causes of disability in Nepal, affecting almost one-fifth of the population above the age of five years. Hearing loss is very isolating and can lead to other conditions such as depression.  In children, it hampers the development of speech and language skills and exacts a heavy personal and social toll in adults.  The tragedy is, over 50% of hearing loss could be prevented.

A donation of £550 would help towards staging an Ear Nose and Throat surgical camp; and is the average cost to screen 96 men, women and children, providing ‘on the spot’ treatment where necessary and covering the cost of 7 operations to restore hearing. 

BANGLADESH: Family Health Project

In 2010 Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland came together to support our Family Health Project in Bangladesh and raised over £50,000! We took maternity care, clean water, sanitation, food security, immunisation and medical care to poor families living in a deprived rural area of Bangladesh. IMPACT has since continued to take healthcare to impoverished villages and currently there is huge demand for healthcare in the Chuadanga District, where are trusted partners IMPACT Bangladesh are currently working.

If your club would like to support the Family Health project in Bangladesh, the School Health project in Kenya or the Mobile ear screening and surgery programme in Nepal then please do get in touch with us or send your donation to:


IMPACT Foundation
Mrs. Judi Stagg,
Chief Executive,
IMPACT Foundation,
151 Western Road,
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex, RH16 3LH.