Project Highlights


Across our programme 169,366 people benefited from our direct action to combat malnutrition.

  • In Nepal 5,186 home gardens were established, enabling people to increase their intake of green, leafy vegetables as well as giving them an extra source of income through selling surplus produce.
  • In India 169 home gardens were established so that families can grow nutritious vegetables to supplement meagre diets through KEM Research Hospital, Pune.
  • 265 children and 730 adults took part in Tasty Team activities such as Tasty Sessions and Get Cooking courses as part of the UK programme.
  • In Cambodia 192 mothers and their babies received supplementary food and micronutrient supplements as part of 1,000 Days Programme.

BANGLADESH: Ismot (35) fell into poverty when her husband became ill. With help from IMPACT she now feeds her family from her thriving home garden

Being well nourished is fundamental to health. In 2015/2016 we extended our tried and tested strategies for combatting malnutrition – both in the short and long term – to even more communities in the UK and abroad.

Worldwide nearly half of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition; and one in four of the world’s children are permanently stunted (physically and intellectually) from inadequate nutrition. Children who cannot achieve their potential are more likely to remain locked in poverty as they grow older. A diet lacking in essential micronutrients weakens the immune system and places people at risk of serious illness and disabling conditions.


Home Gardens in Bangladesh have been a huge success in combating malnutrition

The tragedy is that malnutrition is entirely preventable. IMPACT distributes supplements to boost the nutritional uptake of at-risk communities. For example, vitamin A is given to protect children’s eyesight, since deficiency is a leading cause of child blindness.

Home gardens are a cost-effective and sustainable way for impoverished families to grow vitamin-rich food and they feature across IMPACT’s programme.




£25 Establishes a kitchen garden to feed a family

IMPACT’s ‘Neighbourhood Healthwatch’ in the UK

IMPACT is committed to preventing malnutrition in all its forms. At one end of the spectrum our work in the developing world focuses on boosting nutritional uptake; whilst in the UK we are tackling the equally serious issue of unhealthy diets and the excessive intake of food.

Visit our ‘Tasty Team’ page to see how we are helping people in West Sussex to improve their diets and make healthy lifestyle choices.